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Doctors & Specialists
Lagos (Lagos)
Full Time
Jan 8, 2017
EXPIRED - Mar 9, 2017


▪Conduct routine check-ups to patients to assess their health condition and discover possible issues
▪Give appropriate advice for healthy habits (diet, hygiene etc.) and preventative actions to promote overall health
▪Conduct examinations to ill patients and evaluate symptoms to determine their condition
▪Ask intuitive questions to discover causes of illness
▪Reach an informed diagnosis based on scientific knowledge and the patient’s medical history
▪Prescribe and interpret lab tests to obtain more information for underlying infections or abnormalities
▪Prescribe medications or drugs and provide comprehensive instructions for administration
▪Collaborate with other physicians, physician assistants and nurses to form a high performing medical team
▪Examine and provide treatments to injuries and refer patients to other physicians when needed (ophthalmologists, orthopedists, neurologists etc.)
▪Keep records of patients’ diseases, operations or other significant information (e.g. allergic episodes)
▪Cultivate a climate of trust and compassion for patients
▪Remain up-to-speed with developments and best practices in medicine by attending conferences and seminars


▪Proven experience as a physician
▪Strong understanding of examination methodologies and diagnostics
▪Excellent knowledge of infectious diseases, their symptoms and epidemiology
▪Broad knowledge of common medication, side effects and contraindications
▪In-depth knowledge of legal medical guidelines and medicine best practices
▪Excellent oral and written communication skills
▪Respect for patient’s confidentiality
▪Compassionate and approachable
▪Responsible and trustworthy
▪Doctor of Medicine degree (MD) and valid license to practice the profession

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