Kitchen Assistant

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Lagos (Lagos)
Full Time
₦155,000 - ₦170,000 per month
This job is suitable for students.
Dec 23, 2016
EXPIRED - Feb 21, 2017

Job Description:

Kitchen assistants do basic food preparation, make sure that chefs have everything they need and be responsible for cleaning the kitchen. Also follow strict hygiene, health and safety rules. Kitchen assistants usually do not need any particular qualifications to work as a kitchen assistant. However, a good standard of general education would be useful.

Job Duties/Responsibilities:

+ organising the storeroom
+ unloading deliveries from suppliers
+ preparation of basic food
+ washing kitchen appliances, work surfaces, floors and walls.
To become a kitchen assistant, you will need to be able to carry out tasks quickly and competently. You will need to follow instructions. You will also need to use your initiative and work in a team.

Kitchens are often divided into sections. For example, vegetables could be prepared in one area, and meat and fish in another area. As an assistant, you will often support the chef in a specific work section.

You would also help chefs get ready for serving food to customers. This could involve washing, peeling and trimming food items to make them ready for cooking when customers order them. You would use a variety of kitchen equipment such as automatic mixers, chipping machines and special knives and cutters.

How To Apply:
Interested Applicants should forward their Cv/Details to the email address, or to the phone number, 07059852214

NB: jobs that require an up-front payment are scams. Your discretion is advised.

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Address: surulere, Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

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  • Contact Person: Damtelc
  • email
  • CellCell: 07059852214

Classified Number: 1879860