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To impact and contribute my quota to the organisation

Keywords: Growth and Development

Almona Donald

To make a positive impact and to complete effectively any assignment without jeopardizing the image of the company

Claudette Oshevire

Seeking a position where my education, experience and determination to succeed will add to an establishment.

Keywords: Administration,accounting, management, finance.


Iwant to work with people of vision in an environment where opportunities abound for self development

Ezeani Esther Uju

To work in a dynamic and challenging work enviroment

philip simon

To work with the best of my ability to promote the company's image as well as to enhance efficiency and productivity.

Keywords: my data

Maduforo David Chinedu

to contribute my best in improving organizational objectives and with dependability and determination achieve goals/target

Keywords: Personal Assistant

Eddie Nyong

To be focus and proactive to achieve the best

Etonye Andrew Onyesochukwu

To work in a company or Organization where transparency,hard work,honesty, and self development is allowed to strive.

Keywords: A Graduate of Business Administration and Management, who is proactive, result oriented, motivated, industrious, zealous, self discipline and a team player in his commitment to duty. Can work in an environment/organization where transparency, honesty, hard work and self development is allowed to thrive and to also initiate outstanding ideas in a working environment that will produce results and growth within and outside the organization through team work motivation.


To be a key figure in helping an organisation to acheive its short and long term objectives.

Keywords: Determination and Hardwork is the key to success


And also to work assiduously and integrity is a pre-reuiste where my potentials will be harnessed and fully utilized

Keywords: Ability to work with minimal supervision Ability to work with a team


To add value to the organisation in terms of first class skills,experience and ability


To maximize my skill and experience in the most efficient manner.

Keywords: ability to work with litle or no supervision


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